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Special Programs:     

One of the strengths of Empire Management Group is our ability to help the Board fully understand their individual roles as board members.  That is why we offer a short training session for all of our new associations.  The session only takes about an hour and the information you will learn will prove to be invaluable.  This is a free service that we are proud to offer.

Internet Services:      

Empire Management Group is excited to offer all of our community’s an internet-based management system that enables homeowners, board members and all service providers access to information quickly and efficiently. You will be able to read monthly reports, minutes of  board meetings and follow up on your maintenance issues.  Your governing documents, agendas and newsletters will be available with the click of a button!

Financial Services:    

Assist the Board with preparation of their annual budget. The budget shall be based on prior operating expenses  and the most recent reserve study. 

Account for assessments and all other charges due by the homeowners.

Maintain checking, and reserve accounts in the name of the association. 

Notify homeowners of any delinquency and take such reasonable action for collection.

Make all monthly disbursements from assessments for expenses as provided in the budget.

Furnish monthly and year-end financials that are prepared on a modified accrual basis, which include all income and expenses and will reflect the net cash position of the association.

Assist CPA with the annual audit and tax preparation.

Administration Services:                       

Assist the Board in the administration of the provisions of the governing documents.

Organize meetings including the preparation of notices, agendas and other documentation.

Administer the Association’s insurance portfolio to include filing claims and working closely with insurance adjusters as necessary.

Assist in resolving homeowner requests as they pertain to the administration of the governing documents.

Respond to all administrative correspondence.

Maintain all records of the association, to include all contracts, insurance policies, meeting minutes and homeowner correspondence.

Physical Property Services:                          

Oversee all association contractors.  Monitor contractor performance and report back to the board.

Regularly inspect the community to address homeowner violations and general conditions of the common areas.

Architectural Control:                  

Your manager will regularly inspect the property, observe,  verify and monitor violations as well as contractor performance.

We will coordinate and provide the administrative functions and work closely with the homeowners in the completion of applications and all necessary correspondence related to their architectural change request.

Communication between homeowners and Empire Management Group is crucial to make certain that any of your questions or concerns are handled in a professional manner.  We strive to maintain this communication and pride ourselves in this endeavor.